Storm Preparation

If the following information is available after a storm, or any weather, or power related activity strikes, you will be able to reset your system with no problem.

  1. Locate, and keep in a location you will remember, your OWNERS MANUAL. If you cannot locate the manual, look for the make and model number on the control panel, and download a manual from the manufacturer.
  2. Locate your Main Control Panel, not the keypad, and have the key for it handy.
  3. Locate where the transformer is, this is what powers the system.
  4. The battery for the system is in the control panel. It should be replaced if it is more than 3 years old.
  5. If extended power outage is expected unplug transformer and battery, this will prevent any beeping from keypad.
  6. If your panel is Napco please note the following.  If the system totally goes dead on an 800 or an 825 series panel the system has a fallback code, please note this code and write it down, in your manual. The fallback code is a code that will work if you completely lose power and then your power comes back. The instructions to reprogram this code are in your manual or inside the control panel door. If your system is a Napco 850, 854 or 900 panel, and your panel goes dead, these systems have a fall back code also. To program a code in these systems you would need to go to, Selecting your codes page in your manual and follow the instructions. Each system has a unique program code for your individual panel. If you have a Napco 1000, 1008, 1010 or 1016 panel your code will remain in the panel and will not have to be reprogrammed. These panels do have trouble signals, which are 3 blinking lights and a number. Please note this is a trouble indication, not an open zone. Your manual explains these troubles and how to clear them.
  7. If your system is an Ademco or Honeywell your code will not be lost and will not have to be reprogrammed. If your system shows “F C” or “Comm. Failure”, and your phone is working, set off the siren and let central station call you back, that should clear it. If your system shows open circuit, unplug transformer and battery, wait a few minutes and plug transformer and battery back in. To get your chime back push in your code then 9
  8. The worst case scenario is if you cannot silence your system disconnect the transformer that you located and disconnect the battery from the panel that you located.