Safe Home Tips


Police studies have shown that most home thefts occur during the day. Thieves spend less than five minutes in a home. They prefer to spend under than a minute gaining entry. Thieves look for ease of the job, least amount of risk. An alarm system ringing, police on the way, lighting, lack of hiding places all make your home less attractive.

A home security system is the start to creating peace of mind and in making your home less attractive to criminals. In addition to a home security system there are other aspects that determine how secure a home will be. Evaluate your home from the outside – in. Prevent crime before they get to your door.

LANDSCAPING: (place your alarm sign in a visible location from the street)


Landscaping can help conceal a burglar.

  • Increase visibility from the street and from inside your home. Don’t provide hiding places; prune bushes under the windows to 3 feet or shorter. Taller plants provide cover for criminals.
  • Cover the ground near windows with gravel. The noise from footsteps on gravel is a deterrent.
  • Plant low thorny bushes beneath windows. Barberry, roses or anything prickly
  • Lock your shed and store garden tools. Don’t provide a tool to assist in a breakin
  • Light up dark exterior corners with motion activated lights
  • Light areas of access to your home such as front door, side door and garage door. Light up dark corners with motion activated lights.




  • Keep your garage door opener in the house. If you must leave it in the car, lock your remote in the glove compartment so thieves don’t see it.
  • Shield your garage door emergency release.
  • If your garage has a side door treat this door as a main entrance into your home: solidly constructed, securely locked and routinely checked.
  • If you have a detached garage and no garage door opener, keep the door locked at all times.




  • All exterior doors should be made of solid materials: wood,metal cased or fiberglass: secured by a dead bolt lock with a minimal bolt extension of 1 inch.
  • Strike plate on the door frame should be reinforced with 2.5 inch to 4 inch steel wood screws or enhanced with a high security strike plate.
  • Sliding glass doors need security from prying and lifting. A wooden dowel, broom  stick, curtain rod can be bolster your security. Secure the dowel, rod or broom handle in the track to keep the door in place.
  • Doorframe must be strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading.



  • Ensure windows have adequate locks or are securely pinned
  • Ensure windows have screens
  • Keep windows locked, even when they are opened a few inches for ventilation