Snow Bird Checklist

You are ready to leave the cold behind and set out for a warmer climate AND you want to protect your home from intruders and the elements. Before you leave for sunnier skies review the information below.

■       TEST YOUR ALARM BEFORE YOU LEAVE (see “How to Test your Alarm” in the resource menu)

■       Consider Total Connect. Total Connect is an extension of your presence; it allows you to control your alarm and get notifications in real time. Call Banner for more information.

■       Consider installing a Low Temperature Stat:  It is a temperature sensor. If the house drops to a pre- determined temperature you will be notified by the Central Station. Call Banner for more information.

■       Consider installing Water Sensors: If you have a leak due to weather or age of pipe the sensor picks up the leak and you will be alerted by the Central Station.  Call Banner for more information.

■       Don’t turn off your phone service: Most alarms are hooked up to the phone line, when phone service is off; there is no way to communicate to Central Station.

The Alternative is to install a Long Range Radio to Central Station, which does not rely on phone lines.  

■       An empty house is an easy target. Don’t advertise your absence on social media. Share your adventures personally. You may think that it’s only your friends viewing your social media posts but news events have shown that it is not always case. Better safe than sorry.

■       Make it appear that someone is home using indoor lights on random timers.

■       Prevent power surges. Disconnect televisions, computers and other electronics or ensure they are properly plugged into a surge protector.

■       Make sure all windows and doors are locked (again) right before you pick up those suitcases to leave. You never know who might have popped open a bedroom or bathroom window and in haste forgot to put it back in a locked position. Garage door lock should also be checked.

■       Arrange for snow to be cleared. A walk and driveway that remains           un-cleared is a red flag that you are away.

■       Accumulated mail, newspapers, town circulars left in a driveway also provides a clue to a burglar that you are away.

■       Don’t leave any hidden spare keys.

■       Secure valuables.